Google's Featured Snippets: The Biggest Slice of the SERP Pie?

Among all of Google’s features, featured snippets stand out the most. Featured snippets can help grab people’s attention and drive more traffic to your website. They take up a lot of space on the search engine results page, making it impossible for anyone to miss out on the information within feature snippets. 

You also get an opportunity to improve your website visibility using this breakthrough feature. The greater the visibility of a page, the more visitors it gets.

But what are featured snippets, and how will they work for your website? Many web owners need more knowledge and understanding to invest in this feature. If you are one of those, this article can be helpful. 

This article will explore vital facts about featured snippets and ways to get the most out of them. But first, let’s understand:

What are featured snippets? 

A featured snippet is a section or block of content that appears on the top of Google’s organic search results in addition to the standard results. 

Featured snippets offer content that is most relevant to the search terms. The term “featured snippets” refers to content featuring only a part of the page relevant to the query. Specifically, if you include question-based content on your blog, there are high chances of getting featured in the featured snippets section. 

Therefore, try to adjust the most relevant and meaningful content into sections while creating write-ups for featured snippets. 

Google gives featured snippets a higher priority because it believes that snippets make it easier for users to get answers to their queries without the need to read the entire article. It saves time and improves effectiveness.

Video featured snippet

Information on featured snippets can be displayed in many formats, such as:

  • Tables
  • Paragraphs
  • Videos
  • And more 

What are the types of featured snippets? 

Featured snippets are not limited to one type of content. They feature different kinds of content based on both search queries and the relevancy of the content. Google keeps bringing new changes to improve the user experience and help brands build quality content. Here are some common types of featured snippets that generally appear on search pages. 

1. Paragraph featured snippets 

Paragraph snippets are the most common and oldest types of featured snippets. It displays short answers to the query or offers a hint of what type of information the article contains. It is also accompanied by images, thus allowing people to have a better comprehension of the content. You can post the content right above or below your blog article or web page to get it featured on the search results. 

2. Video featured snippets 

Video snippets are another popular type of featured snippet. Video snippets generally appear on “how-to” based search result pages where a user performs a search activity to learn new things. The video snippets also feature a certain part of the video content to allow users to find the most relevant result. 

3. List featured snippets

This type of snippet contains bulleted or numbered list-based content. It highlights the list or sub-topics covered in the content. List featured snippets mainly feature content that involves steps for specific processes or a list of particular items. Based on the search query, Google offers the most precise and reliable information on the internet. 

4. Table featured snippets

As the name suggests, table snippets highlight the part or information present in the table on the page. This type of featured snippet is ideal for queries related to comparison and ranking. Thus, it eliminates the need to go through the entire article. People can quickly view several rows by expanding the table format on the search pages

5. Carousel featured snippets

Carousel-featured snippets allow people to find relevant content on different search engines with the help of bubble modifiers. If the searcher cannot get reliable content or satisfactory answers to their queries, they can use this feature to modify their search results. 

6. Combined featured snippets

Combined snippets are the most exciting type of feature snippets. They combine or display several web pages in a single unified format. In other words, it collects basic definitions or information from one source and combines it with a popular topic or subtopic from other sources. 

7. Double-featured snippets

At times, when Google can not decide between two sources, it ends up showing both options. In other words, it features two sources with similar content under one featured snipped question. This feature displays a part of the content relevant to your search queries. By simply reading both pieces of content, you can decide which source is more helpful or related to your search. 

Why featured snippets? 

Let us look at the reason why featured snippets are essential for your website. 

1. Improved click-through rates 

Recent studies revealed that featured snippets have helped many websites to improve their click-through rates. If your website is ranking low, you can achieve higher ranks with featured snippets and build a good image in the marketplace. Hire services from a reliable and reputable agency to take full advantage of this breakthrough feature. 

2. Better engagement with voice searchers 

Voice searches are the new era in the digital world. It makes searching easier and faster. Featured snippets can help your page or content appear on the voice search results and attract more people to your website. 

3. More organic traffic 

Lastly, featured snippets are a great tool to drive organic website traffic. Moreover, search engines tend to prefer websites with more organic visitors. Organic search engine traffic is the gold standard of SEO because it's relevant, free traffic. There's a lot to unpack to get your site to rank better organically, and the best way to do so is to use a list. Here is an example of a handy list can help you get higher rankings in search engines (this is for restaurants, but works for other local type searches as well). 

Final thoughts

We hope that by now you have a deep understanding of featured snippets and will be able to make sound marketing decisions for your website. Ensure to work on the quality of your content to achieve higher ranks on featured snippets. 

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