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Even Your Grandmother is Using Voice Search Now

Google announced something surprising back in 2016: the news that voice search made up 20 percent of their mobile queries that year.

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Common Elements of a Web Page and How to Treat Them

If you make or edit online content, you are are a content creator. As a content creator, you’ll need to strike that balance between SEO (search engine optimization) and a positive user experience. To make sure everyone is on the same page, here is a list of the different elements that combine to create an engaging and well optimized piece of content.

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Basic Reputation Management Tips and Suggestions

Of all the categories involved in managing a business’s online reputation, reputation repair is the one most fraught with confusion.

As humans, we tend to hate criticism, founded or unfounded. Any sort of negativity directed toward your business—earned or otherwise—holds an immense power to inflict damage in both the present and the future. How you respond can either mollify the situation or exacerbate it, and with the stakes so high, not many businesses can afford a misstep.

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8 Reputation Statistics Affecting How You're Seen Online

Online reputation statistics change regularly, this updated list of stats will fascinate and might even scare you.

Reputation and character are different. Reputation is what people think of you or your brand, character are the actual qualities you or your brand have.

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A Quick n' Dirty Reputation Management Plan

Need to fix a brand or persons online reputation but don't have a lot of time? Here is a quick n' dirty ORM plan most brands can use (OK, not so dirty). It's a massively abbreviated version of the one we use at Reputation X.

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New Business? Set Reputation as a Priority from Day One

Reputation and reviews drive the success of businesses worldwide. Every month, approximately 543,000 new businesses open up. 70% of them survive at least two years, half at least five years, and a third at least ten years. Just a quarter of all new businesses survive for 15 years or more. 

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Use Different Media to Improve Brand Authority and Influence

Websites that are "authoritative" in their space rank much better. Google pays more attention to authoritative sites and pages. But how does a website become "authoritative"? Leverage different kinds of media to accomplish your goals. 

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Finding Search Phrases That Keep Customers Away from Your Business

Which search phrases are killing your business?

Imagine your customer gets your business’s address from a friend, comes to your storefront, and every single negative review from the last ten years is taped to the windows. At the same time, someone on the sidewalk yells through a megaphone, “don’t shop here even if it’s the last store on earth!” while a video showcases old footage of an employee stealing from a customer. Ouch.

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Search Result Audits for Reputation Management

One of the biggest mistakes people make when performing online reputation management is to build a bunch of different web profiles and fill them with sloppy content. Worse, all these properties often can't be effectively maintained over time, and so lose relevance. The best way to manage reputation online is to understand prospective customers, similar companies, and what search engines are looking for. One of the first steps is to perform a search result audit. Here's why. 

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Defying SEO Gravity: What is Position Zero?

Why do some web pages show up "above" the first search result? This is called a Featured Snipped, or "position zero" in the SEO field. For instance, we searched "featured snippet" in Google and here's what happened:

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