Your Website Needs These Types of Backlinks to Build an Audience

One of the most commonly used terms in search engine optimization is backlinking. Building different types of backlinks with well-known, reputable, and authoritative websites is crucial for Google’s algorithm. They may determine whether a website improves or deteriorates in Google’s search results.

Creating backlinks is a fundamental component of SEO. You will be able to quickly level up your website with this technique. You can easily rank higher in search engine results if you receive connections from reputable websites.

Google will take note if other companies endorse your material. Search engines learn that a page or site is worthwhile when other websites link to it. Therefore, obtaining high-quality backlinks may benefit your website’s search visibility.

What Are The Best Types Of Backlinks For Website Visibility?

Depending on the type of website, there are eight link types with varying degrees of relevance. You can create link-building strategies using these eight types of backlinks to get high-quality links that will improve your SEO.

Editorial backlinks

The ideal backlink is an editorial description with a link to your website in relevant, excellent content.

Editorial backlinks typically occur when your content (such as an article or infographic) is cited as the source of specific information. It could also happen when your website is highlighted in a link roundup on a particular subject.

Here are a few ways to gain editorial backlinks: 

  • Create evergreen content that builds your position as a thought leader and positions your site and brand as the go-to source for interviews and industry knowledge to gain editorial backlinks. 
  • Create engaging content that is simple to share and has the potential to become viral. 
  • Use SEO tools to find popular terms and subjects that your competition is using but that your site isn’t currently covering.

Business profile backlinks

You always have the choice to link to your website when creating digital profiles for your business on social media. 

You could also have profiles on:

Search engines see these backlink types as evidence of a website’s long existence.

Guest blogging backlinks

One of the most popular and straightforward ways to build backlinks is by guest posting. You can provide your material with an editorial backlink whenever you publish a blog on another top-notch website. 

You may quickly establish authority and trust by publishing outstanding material on other high-ranking and well-respected sites.

Almost any SEO strategy should include outreach for guest posting. Search for reputable websites that offer these chances.

Webinar backlinks

Websites can link to live webinars or recordings for relevant information. Webinars are frequently posted on websites and can link to and mention your business. 

These types of backlinks can be acquired by employing techniques similar to those for blog promotion. The websites you’re focusing on for guest blogging may use your webinar as a reference.

Acknowledgment backlinks

Acknowledgment backlinks are another SEO-boosting type of backlink that may assist you to strengthen the branding of your website. This form of backlink is typically published when your company supports an industry event or has a representative speak, among other things.

You can benefit from backlink checkers to obtain this particular backlink type. You may find websites where your competitors have backlinks using various SEO tools. A thorough examination can help you determine how to acquire recognition backlinks.

Free tool backlinks

You may benefit from free resources to attract high-quality websites to connect to your website. Free tools can quickly analyze your backlinks.

Let’s say more people connect to your article because the amount of backlinks is valuable. With the aid of these tools, you can also include a compelling CTA that raises awareness of your website.

To find the sites and obtain free tool backlinks, you can make a straightforward tool. Then, you can use guest blogging outreach to get in touch with different webmasters. Start building high-quality backlinks now without spending a fortune.

Badge backlinks

A great strategy for generating backlinks is to create a badge to give to other businesses as recognition for their performance. 

You will get a link to your website whenever such websites proudly display the symbol. 

To find possible targets for your badge program, you should employ SEO tools to find websites with similar audiences.

Comment backlinks

In most cases, you are allowed to link back to your website when you leave a comment on a blog post. Don’t overdo it, though — this is widely used by spammers and could be used to create poor links. 

However, when used mindfully, sharing links can help you increase your website’s traffic and knowledge of your company if people write sincere comments on high-quality blog posts.


What Types of Backlinks Should You Avoid?

Now that you are aware of the most suitable types of backlinks to grow your website’s audience, here are a few types of backlinks you should avoid.

Paid links

The value of your website is evaluated by search engines depending on how well-liked it is by other legitimate and earned websites. 

According to Google, buying and selling links might hurt a website’s search engine rankings. When you buy links to improve your SEO, you don’t always get what you pay for.

Backlinks in irrelevant press releases

It is not a good idea to write press releases to obtain backlinks. This approach produces spam and might harm your SEO. Visitors to websites detest being inundated by these backlinks.

Links to low-quality or pointless directories

If you create profiles in directories that aren’t reputable or trustworthy (or if they aren’t pertinent to your business), it can not be beneficial for your SEO. Many website visitors dislike them and consider them spam.

Poor-quality forum backlinks

Forum postings, especially those with links, should be limited to reputable forums and substantive discussions. Attempts to flood these sites with links may not yield the desired results.

What Kinds of Links are Important?

There are many different types of backlinks, but some are more valuable than others. In other words, quality backlinks must be the main priority. A few high-quality backlinks are more effective than hundreds of low-quality ones.

Here are some examples of valuable backlinks:

Backlinks from reputable, reliable websites

Websites are subject to domain authority, meaning that more authoritative sites can link to your site more advantageously (via a link).

Once you receive a backlink from a website with high domain authority, you will see an increase in organic search engine traffic.

These links are challenging to obtain, but they are worthwhile.

The anchor text of the link contains your desired keywords

The words that the audience will read as they click a link is known as the anchor text. Links with anchor texts containing your goal keyword are crucial for your development. 

Higher ranks for a term are properly correlated, according to Ahrefs, with anchor texts that include that keyword.

It’s crucial to realize that excessive keyword-rich anchor text can trigger Google Penguin’s Google filter. It eliminates websites using unethical link-building techniques.

An appropriate website links to yours

Google bots are more intelligent than you may imagine. So they determine whether two websites are related when one website links to another.

Imagine that you write a piece about the top U.S. universities. Backlinks from websites discussing education, universities, and scholarships will be valued more by Google than links from websites discussing fitness, health conditions, or fishing.

A “dofollow” link

Search engines like Google disregard links using the “no follow” tag. 

Although most links have do-follow tags, some sources with links that frequently have no follow tags include blog remarks, pay-per-click ads, and press reports.

Links from websites that have never linked to you

Links coming from the same domain get lower results. Therefore, ten links from ten different websites are preferable to one hundred links from a single website.

Utilize the power of appropriate backlinks to grow your website’s audience effectively.


A strong backlink strategy is essential to rank your website at the top of Google’s search results. But remember that getting more backlinks is just one thing that matters; link quality is also a key element in elevating your website.

You might not need every kind of backlink to your website at once. Avoid using nofollow links if you want to keep your domain authority. However, adding several dofollow links will also appear spammy. 

Hopefully, the types of backlinks mentioned above will all assist you in growing your website. Now that you know the different sorts of backlinks, you can start creating an efficient link-building strategy for your website.

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