The benefits of implementing data science in digital marketing

data driven marketing

Data science and digital marketing can work together to improve your next marketing campaign.

Data science is about predicting the future. In marketing, data science exists at the confluence of business, data, and predictive analytics. Whereas data analytics is more backward looking, the predictive nature of data science uses historical data sets and market factors to make better marketing decisions.

When you're designing a marketing campaign you are essentially designing it based on your view of the future habits and needs of consumers. 

From understanding your audience to building your products and services for their satisfaction, here’s why data science is extremely important for a successful digital marketing campaign:

That time Target used data science to predict pregnancy

Back in 2012 a father was angry that Target had been sending his daughter coupons for baby-related items. He stormed into Target demanding what they were thinking. To quote the Time article, their statistician Andrew Pole did the following:

As Pole’s computers crawled through the data, he was able to identify about 25 products that, when analyzed together, allowed him to assign each shopper a “pregnancy prediction” score. More important, he could also estimate her due date to within a small window, so Target could send coupons timed to very specific stages of her pregnancy.

That's data science for marketing at work. 

Gather data - as and when you need it

To be able to track the progress of your digital marketing campaign, you need real-time data analytics to understand what’s working and what isn’t from a historical perspective. Think about it, if you were unable to track your customers' reaction to your strategies, products, services and your overall digital presence, you would not be able to understand what the markets opinion is currently. Without that information data science is a non-starter. 

Build engaging content

Data science allows you to understand information on markets with the help of complex data-based predictive models. Once you’re able to understand what your future customer wants and what they’re expecting, you can then personalize your campaigns to build better customer experiences and improve retention. 

"Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been." said Wayne Gretzky. Data analytics is about where the puck has been, but data science predicts where the puck will be. 

If you’ve managed to understand the queries and the concerns of your customers, you can build content that addresses their unique issues or even reach out to them via social media.

Data science helps in building content that is capable of gaining the customer’s attention by actually helping out the user. Factual information and visual representations of how, why or when they should be interacting with your company allows you to build brand awareness through engaging content. 

Remember that engaging content should be:

  • Easy to consume: Include things like infographics, videos, quotes, and images to break up long blog text.
  • Original: Don’t post things that have been done before. Offer new and engaging content ideas to your audience.
  • Actionable: Create content that forces your audience to engage, whether that’s to purchase a product or share an Instagram post. 

Improve budgeting and channel optimization

While working with digital marketing, there are two factors that must be kept top-of-mind:

  • The initial investment is going to be based on experimental digital marketing campaigns.
  • You will be working out your digital marketing campaign through multiple channels - social media, website, email, and more. 

Data sciences help you work towards the beneficial outcome of both. 

With the help of data science modeling, your budget can be worked out more accurately. You will better be able to calculate the average ROI based on the experimental campaigns that you model. 


Understanding your campaign’s success through traffic analysis and budget allocation will allow you to make the most of your investment. A straight-line prediction based on past performance may give you a cone of probability - but data science can help hone the cone to a less ambiguous shape. 

Data sciences allow you to break down which factors of your campaign need work and which may not - saving marketing resources. Not only will you be able to better calculate the overall success rate of your campaigns, but you will also be able to understand which campaigns resulted in higher conversions and leads. 

Customer preferences become a priority

Digital marketing is all about building connections over a widespread, and growing, network. In the past, digital marketing network used to function mainly on keywords, titles and competitive stances. However, as time has progressed, so has technology. Today it's all about predicting user behavior. 

Through the years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its coercive work with data sciences has allowed digital marketers to focus on the customer. Although keyword and competitive research followed by well-coded metadata is still important, the work of marketers has become much more customer-centric. Data science helps answer the question "where will my market be"?

So, data science allows marketers to understand user intent and behavior, rather than focusing their attention on how many keywords have been optimized within a page. For example, data science has allowed marketers to create a distinction between the keywords “red shoes” and “red shoes size 9.” While one of these users is looking for red shoes to buy, the other might be looking for which blogs that can help them understand what kind of outfits they could wear with red shoes and more. 

red shoes

red shoes size 9

Data sciences have allowed effective management

How is it that data sciences are capable of helping in digital marketing management?” 

Consider this - when we spoke about data sciences earlier, we spoke about how it has helped in the overall ease of understanding complex data for future campaigns, no matter the industry. Through the ages, that complex data has only grown. Technology has advanced and it has become increasingly important to be able to analyze all the data that’s available to us for an appropriate study of different subjects. 

Through predictive data, digital marketers have been able to develop tools and techniques that allow both businesses and customers to have a much more transparent relationship with target markets. 

Whether it be for the resolve of complex issues or for an effective study on better strategies, every piece of information is easily accessible. This has made it easier for both marketers and clients to understand and explain campaigns. 

Why data sciences are important in digital marketing

Even though there might not be a direct relationship between data science and digital marketing, it is important to remember that the two complement each other. If one piece of your marketing campaign is lacking, it will be difficult to keep up with your competitors. The tips in this blog are a great starting point to unlock the many benefits that data science can bring to your digital marketing campaigns.

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