Using video to improve branded search results

Five hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute for its 500 million active users. More and more people are converting from traditional television to online video as their prime source of entertainment. 

Over 90% of marketers say they landed a customer due to videos on social media, and marketers use video as the number one type of branded content. Make sure you aren’t missing out on this massive market. More eyes than ever are ready for your video content.

When it comes to establishing and maintaining an online presence, video content is more important than ever. As a whole, videos can build your audience, do wonders for engagement, and improve your overall website experience.

How To Improve Your Video Content

How video content can improve your online reputation

We live in a world that revolves around online presence. Even people who aren’t explicitly trying to sell products to their audience know that it is vital to establish a personal brand to maintain clicks and views.

For those of you using your online presence as a business, especially on your website, take advantage of the different facets of the internet and its interactive content

Of course, a crucial part of improving your online reputation is keeping your customer base content, especially since most consumers consider effective customer service to be a prominent factor when choosing a brand. 

Use video content to connect with consumers and build a relationship with them, albeit a digital one. Posting videos on your website, blog page, and YouTube account can help 97% of customers understand how a product or service works, reducing the number of incoming support calls in 43% of video marketer companies

Not only can it help customers understand what it is that you offer, but it can also increase trust and therefore improve your online reputation. Creating high-quality videos for your website that are easy and fun to share is an excellent way to grow your audience organically. Plus, as more people share the video, new customers that see the post from their friends are more likely to trust you.

Another way to improve your online reputation with video content is to feature a more prominent creator in a video. Being associated with someone viewed as an expert puts you in their sphere, and viewers will give you more credibility.

You can also feature as a guest on another creator’s video. Many creators will form a symbiotic relationship, sharing each other’s audiences by trading guest spots. 

How video content can increase engagement

We mentioned above that having a video explaining your product will help to build trust with your audience and grow your clientele base. A great way to further establish yourself as a reliable source is to host webinars. Smart marketers know that if they use the best webinar platform, their production quality and engagement will flourish. Here is a handy list of some great platforms for hosting webinars

Hosting webinars is the ultimate engagement tool. At the very least, you collect your audience’s information, like emails. But stepping up your webinar game can create intimate bonds with the attendees and improve your online reputation. 

Since these attendees are probably interested in the topic your webinar is covering, it’s a pretty good bet that they will be an easier sell on your product. Try gathering additional data through Q&A sessions and polls. 

Make sure to record the webinar for future content. You can share it with people who signed up but didn’t attend to put your content back into their minds. You can also use these recordings for future blog post topics.

How video content elevates your website

Having videos on your site will improve your website’s SEO. Be thoughtful about the title, description, and tags you use, and try to utilize prominent keywords - just as you would in a blog post.

Even if you are embedding your videos directly into your website, you should create a YouTube channel to host the content as well. Google owns YouTube and therefore gives automatic ranking preference to videos on the platform. 

Potential customers are often more interested in learning about a product via video rather than a blog post or listicle. About half of online shoppers use videos to choose brands, and about 90% have found new products directly from YouTube

Finally, it is much easier to connect with a website visitor through video than through words and static images. Video gives the viewer a person to build a relationship with, a firsthand look at your expertise, or a story to get behind.

Video content utilization FAQs

What kind of content should I be creating?

Just as there is a considerable variety in written marketing content, you can create a vast array of videos for your marketing purposes. 

Some of the most commonly-created types of content include explainer, presentation, testimonial, sales, and ad videos. Consider your product, common questions clients have, and company goals when choosing what video type to create.

Analyze your audience before targeting your videos to ensure you get the most views for your effort. A high-quality video that succinctly shares your story or product can work well no matter what audience you’re looking for and is a simple way to garner trust. If you show that you believe in your product enough to produce a good video, it will make them want to believe too.

Where should I post my content?

Post your videos to your website. Depending on the type of video, you can put it on your homepage, blog pages, or landing pages.

Make sure they are easily shareable. An excellent way to do this is by collecting your content under an umbrella account on YouTube. Not only will this boost your SEO since Google owns YouTube, but it will also look professional shared on other platforms like Facebook.

It can be helpful to have shorter video clips for other social media accounts as well. Twitter and Instagram are much less conducive to videos longer than a minute than Facebook is. Clips with your catchiest lines will pique interest.

Is video content consumed more than other types of content?

Video content is more popular than any other type of content on the internet today. It constitutes 55% of the content consumed. 

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