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Can Bots Write Articles Yet?

Everyone who uses the internet has interacted with bots. Bots chat with us on apps, leave comments on articles and videos, and write social media posts. We know that bots have the ability to put words together coherently. But can bots write entire articles by themselves?


How Video Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

Video can be used to enhance online reputation. Search results today contain blog posts, articles, images, news and video. They're called "mixed results". Search engines want to provide the best results possible in whatever format necessary. Video is fast becoming the best way to engage audiences which means you can use it to improve your reputation online. 


Why Most Blogs Die After 100 Days

For many businesses, the first interaction a customer will have with you is on your blog. Content marketing plays a huge role in building brand awareness and creating a positive reputation with your target audience.


Could Augmented Reality Overlay Burqas on Women?

Augmented reality is a data-overlay over the real world. Taking the WSJ's article about the difference between conservative and liberal Facebook feeds a few steps further we could end up with burqa's overlaid over every woman's body through the magic of augmented reality.


Why Video is the Future of SEO and Content Marketing

If you're considering adding video to your content marketing strategy, you are making the right decision. According to Cisco, 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be the result of video. In addition, 79 percent of B2B marketers are starting to utilize video. Yet, video doesn't just work magically. You need to have intent, post something relevant and tell a story. If you want to have a higher engagement rate with customers, consider adding more video to your content marketing mix.


How Much Time Should You Spend Editing Content?

Your company creates a lot of content. Some is owned, some earned, some paid, and some a combination. In today's online environment there is often a high degree of edit ability, even for content not necessarily owned by the brand. But resources are always tight, so what content should get the most attention?


Do Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Provide SEO Value?

It has been almost a year since Google introduced AMP, short for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is essentially an alternative version of your website that is designed using the AMP standard. The alternative version of your site is hosted on servers around the world, instead of your own. AMP pages are fast, but not-fancy.


Content Marketing Mistakes Affecting Your Reputation

Content marketing is easy, except when it isn't. Here are content marketing mistakes to avoid.


The Difference Between a VPN and a Proxy for SEO

The main shared function of both Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and Proxy services is to give you, the user, control over your IP address while online. It’s not uncommon for many VPN service providers to also offer a proxy service as standard, however there are a plethora of standalone proxy services that can be used at a lower cost than most VPNs - even for free.


The Perfect Article Has Exactly 738 Words (Just Kidding)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a surefire formula for writing the perfect blog post? One that told you how to lay it out, what information to include and what kind of images to add. Imagine if it even told you what your word count should be!


Why Reputation Services Don't Always Work

Sometimes online reputation projects don't work. There are a number of reasons for a project not working out but a few that stand out. The number one reason is a lack of SEO, but there are other reasons too. 


What Will SEO Look Like in 10 Years?

Google search will be almost entirely based on artificial intelligence, inbound links will have little to no relevance, and the search box will have all but disappeared.


What Makes Us Drawn to Negative Online Content?

Humans have what is called a “negativity bias” because we’ve evolved to react to threats. Like Google, we’re pattern discovery machines; when something stands out, like a threat, our minds highlight it. The negativity bias is leveraged by the media to increase profits. The fact is, bad news gets more attention, more clicks, and leads more revenue for the publication. Google also reacts to this pattern by giving people what they seemingly want - more bad news.


How Search Affects Startup Valuation

People believe what they see in search, whether it's true or not. This affects how people within the herd react, how they feel about a startup, and whether they invest.


Top 10 Website SEO Errors

As an SEO consultant I had plenty of potential clients approach me looking for a fix for their website. Many said they’ve done everything right, built some backlinks, waited and waited but nobody showed up to the website. There are a number of reasons why no organic traffic is showing up: lack of keyword research, poor quality backlinks, etc. but a large percentage of them simply haven’t set up their on-page SEO correctly.


5 Steps to Protecting Your Online Reputation from Cyberthreats

In the field of online reputation management, even simple mistakes can wreak havoc on your reputation, so you learn quickly that you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You're prepared for problems such as bad Yelp reviews or Twitter scandals, but have you thought about cybersecurity problems such as data breaches or identity theft? What happens if hackers access your private documents and publish the results? Are you doing your best to secure your online assets to prevent digital disasters?


How Natural Language and Context Affects Online Reputation Strategy

People search differently on mobile than they do on the desktop and that affects reputation management companies. Big changes to Google like voice search and contextual interpretation alter the way online reputation experts and SEO professionals manage the search results of their clients.


Where to Guest Post: A Growing List

Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Want to make the internet better by being a blog contributor? We thought so. Please enjoy this growing  list of sites that we're pretty sure accept guest blogger articles. The sites in the list below most likely accept third-party posts or in some way help bloggers by providing things like syndication. We haven't tested every one of these for writing opportunities, but we have tested to see if they are live. We update and grow the list on a 'fairly' regular basis. Summaries (minus semi-snarky remarks) are mainly those of the websites themselves. 


How the Internet Hates

Honest review sites are an important and valuable part of the information ecosystem. Yet often search engines amplify what should be a whisper to a scream. Who are the players in the bad news ecosystem? Reputation X studied 1000 people and companies with online reputation problems and here's what we learned.


Turning Customers Into Salespeople

Most business owners would agree that it would be beneficial to be able to turn their customers into sales people who go out and help bring in new business. The idea sounds complicated, and even expensive, but it may not  be that difficult to use your marketing programs to turn your customers into your own sales force.

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