Top Apps to Help You Build A Killer Brand on Instagram

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Top Apps to Help You Build A Killer Brand on Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram have become effective marketing tools for brand awareness. However, when it comes to user engagement, Instagram has twice the opportunity. In fact, 68% of users on Instagram engage with brands regularly while only 38% of users on Facebook regularly engage with brands. On average, Instagram has 58 times more engagement for each follower as compared to Facebook.

These high levels of engagement open opportunities to build relationships with people who may  have otherwise been out of reach. As you start to foster more positive relationships, your reputation will improve as well.

Your brand’s presence on Instagram is a key factor in your online reputation. People are watching, engaging with, and remembering what your brand posts and comments on social media. And with all the tools available for Instagram, marketers and content creators won’t ever run out of apps that can help them build a killer brand image.

Here are 10 Instagram apps to help build your brand:

Apps to Make Your Posts IG-Worthy

Instagram is almost purely visual, which is attractive because 90% of the information the brain processes is visual data. So it becomes vital when building your brand to have engaging and consistent posts on your feed and stories.



Instasize is a photo and video editing app that includes an arsenal of tools you can use to create attention-grabbing posts on Instagram. The app comes with over 80 filters to enhance both your photos and videos, adding an HD quality to them. Instasize’s photo editing tools allow you to adjust sharpness, brightness, contrast, and more, while beauty tools like the blemish remover, vibrance, whiten, and glow leave your photos with a picture-perfect finish.

Instasize is free to download on iOS and Android. A premium subscription of $4.99/month unlocks all features that are updated monthly.



VSCO offers 10 presets that you can use on your RAW photos and videos. The app includes an array of editing tools that allow you to adjust contrast and saturation, use grain and fade for added texture, and experiment with perspective through crop and skew. VSCO also lets you save and recreate your edits for future use.

VSCO is free to download on iOS and Android. A membership subscription provides access to more of the app’s photo editing tools and lets you join the weekly photo challenges.



Canva is ideal but not limited to Instagram. The app lets you create brilliant designs using your photos and videos in various formats. Choose from thousands of ready-made templates ranging from carousel, stories (and if you’re feeling adventurous: infographics). Or start from scratch. Hundreds of font options, layouts, and filters are also available to spruce up your posts.

Canva is free to download on iOS and Android. You have the option to upgrade to Canva Pro which gives unlimited access to all the features of the app.

Layout from Instagram


Layout from Instagram allows you to remix up to 9 photos in a collage-style layout. This is perfect for showcasing a variety of products in a single post or even just creating a photo collage that’s in line with your branding.

Layout from Instagram is free for both iOS and Android, and pairs with Instagram instantly.



Made is meant to groom and polish your Instagram Stories. The app’s numerous free templates, colored backgrounds and patterns, diverse font designs, photo filters, and storyboard lets you customize and personalize your Stories the way you see fit to your branding from start to end.

Made is free to download on both iOS and Android. A membership subscription of $4.99/month unlocks all features of the app and new templates monthly.



LifeLapse is a video editing app that specializes in slow motion. The app comes with in-camera tools like white balance lock, exposure lock, focus lock, ghost image overlay, to name a few, that allow you to create customized high-quality videos with the convenience of your smartphone. Another attractive feature of Life Lapse is its Instagram crop guidelines as well as royalty-free music.

LifeLapse is free for both iOS and Android. The Pro Plan unlocks all the features of the app such as unlimited video projects, watermark-free videos, and more.

Apps to Take Your IG Marketing to the Next Level

Let’s face it, having great content on your Instagram account may not be enough to gain followers and engage users. Fortunately, there are apps that specialize in that. Get analytics and improve your Instagram marketing with some of these tools:



AutoHash is dedicated to finding relevant hashtags on Instagram for your posts. Through AI technology, the app recognizes objects in your photos and provides you with significant hashtags. It offers hashtags until the 30-hashtag limit and lets you save your preferred ones which you can select once you’re ready to post.

AutoHash is available for free on Android only and offers in-app purchases.



Later is a tool that allows you to visually plan and schedule your social media posts – particularly for Instagram. A content calendar lets you plan out your posts and shows you a preview of your Instagram feed. A Saved Caption feature lets you save relevant hashtags in groups that you can reuse when planning your posts. Another feature of the app lets you share user-generated content to drive clicks and engage users.

Later is available for web, iOS, and Android. The app is free to use for one person up to 30 Instagram posts per month, while a Plus Plan of $9/month for one user offers up to 100 Instagram posts.

Command for Instagram


Command is a powerful analytics app that focuses on your Instagram experience. The app offers demographics, posts analytics and insights, profile analytics for web clicks and profile views, the best time to post suggestions according to your followers, hashtag recommendations, and even post report cards.

Command is available for iOS only for free with in-app purchases.



Squarelovin offers Instagram insights that show you analytics and guide you in planning your social media strategy. The tool gives in-depth insights on growth, engagement, number of followers, optimal times to post, and highest-ranking hashtags.

Squarelovin is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Wrapping it all up

Once you’re armed with a proper arsenal of tools, it becomes more effortless managing and growing your brand through Instagram. And the list doesn’t stop here. With so many available devices that are free or require a reasonable fee, creating a killer brand on Instagram just got more realistic.